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Home Comfort Plans

Home Comfort Plans


Our home comfort plan keeps your heating and cooling systems operation at peak performance all year round.


Lower operating costs.

Industry research has proven that a correctly tuned heating and air-conditioning system operating costs are significantly lower.


Extended equipment life.

Detecting problems before a major failure and performing routine maintenance such as a filter change and condenser coil cleaning of your system will extend its life cycle.


Priority emergency service.

Being a home comfort plan holder gives you priority service in the event of an issue with your system, resulting in an emergency are called after hours.


Reduce service costs.

When problems do arise our plan holders don’t only receive a priority response, but they also receive a reduced billing rate to making it more affordable to take care of your system.


Peace of mind.

Providing confidence and assurance that you're heating and cooling system has been clean serviced and is ready for a season of worry-free operation.


Our home comfort plan includes inspections and cleanings twice a year on your heat pump systems and once a year on central air conditioning, gas/oil heating systems. The plan is designed to make sure that your equipment is in the best operating condition possible and is aimed to benefit you in lowering your operating costs and prolonging your equipments life. Our fully trained technicians will perform the following tasks on your equipment.


Check duct connections.

Annual internal duct inspection

Clean replace standard air filter.

Check refrigerant levels.

Clean outdoor coil as necessary.

Clean indoor coil as necessary

Check, electrical connections.

Check and record meter and motor performance.

Check thermostat operations.

Clean and blow out condensate trap.